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„defund the state.“

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With tensions rising, neighborhoods divided, media blaming everything from unemployment, the pandemic, to racism, it may be time to make a statement. Our #03 sticker proposes the only feasible macro solution that is at the core of what attracts Bitcoiners to Bitcoin, a simple but effective recipe to get rid of state authoritarianism slowly but surely.

Coinage and money printing are the Achilles heel of fiat governments. The money printed is used to enrich themselves, perpetuate their rule by employment of uniformed thugs, wars and so on. If you’re undecided whether the state is bad or if anarchism could work, please watch this excellent documentary with your friends: “The Monopoly on Violence” by Stateless Production (released May 31st 2020).

If you paid attention, you should be an anarchist by now, because…

We didn’t have the means in 2008, but luckily, we have them now.

Could this strategy work? Can we really defund the state by buying bitcoin?

Well, the Pentagon clearly thinks we could because it has secretly been preparing for this scenario since at least 2018. Please read this piece about how they wargamed scenarios involving a Generation Z rebellion that uses bitcoin to undermine and evade “the establishment.” (First released on June 10th 2020)

Yes, it will work if we succeed to grow. Not with institutional money, but in the streets, in our families and peer by peer.


Oh, and: Voting doesn’t change anything.

The only thing it does, is legitimize their rigged game that has been forced on us with violence and propaganda, against our will, without our consent.

It’s a waste of time and energy.

There is hope. The solution is here, we have the tools.

We hold the keys to our future, patiently.

Our numbers are growing daily,

sticker by sticker,

block by block.


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