HYPERBITCOINIZED – The Bitcoin Calendar 2021



1st edition limited to 2021 1021 prints
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Hyperbitcoinized – the Bitcoin Calendar comes in a handy

10 x 15 cm or

3.9 x 5.9 inch format

with 378 pages

on ninety gram coated paper.

The calendar can be mounted in various ways e.g. wall mount on cardboard or desk mount.

The mount is not included in this offer and we do not offer a mount for purchase. 

Payable in Bitcoin / Lightning only.

maximum 10 calendars per order

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Hello Bitcoiner


This is Hyperbitcoinized – the Bitcoin Calendar. It’s here to make Bitcoin’s history tangible and fun, every day of the year. The calendar is designed to be a daily microdose of orange pill, to consolidate knowledge about Bitcoin, so you can dive deeper into the rabbit hole, learn the eventful history of Bitcoin and the groundbreaking philosophies that it was built on. Hyperbitcoinized is designed as a tear-off calendar. Each page has a front and a backside.

The front features a BITCOIN STREET ART photograph taken by Bitcoiners from around the world. Paid for with Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. On the backside, you can find the location where the photo was taken, inspiring quotes by Bitcoiners, Austrian Economists and Cypherpunks – alongside important dates from Bitcoin and Cypherpunk history, like milestones, trivia and anecdotes. This way you will always know what happened THIS DAY IN BITCOIN.

The calender comes in a handy 10 x 15 cm or 3.9 x 5.9 inch format with 378 pages on ninety gram coated paper. This is the first edition, right on time for 2021: The Year of Hyperbitcoinization. The first edition is limited to 2021 prints, each with a serial number. Preorder now.




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