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“no gods no masters”

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“No Gods, No Masters” has been a slogan in the anarchist movement since the late 1800s. It symbolises the radical freedom of the anarchist ideal, where no master – god nor man – is granted power over the individual. It stands for the freedom to decide your own fate, as well as take responsibility for your own actions.

It is a slogan for a truly sovereign individual, clear of mind and forging their path through life the best way they can, away from the oppression of illegitimate authority.

The roots of the slogan extend back to a French phrase “Ni dieu ni maître” (neither god nor master) which itself has been used widely in everything from popular music to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Bitcoin is – as we of course know – Applied Anarchism and nothing could be more true to show that this is the case than “No Gods, No Masters”.

Bitcoin has no central authority; no person or group that can change the rules against the will of the people. Bitcoin has no gods. It is anti-fragile, growing stronger as it as attacked by those who in futility try to regulate and control it.

No government can confiscate your Bitcoin and no private company can reverse your transactions. Bitcoin has no masters.


Description written by Dale Bewan. Follow him on Twitter.


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