Registration for our BTCPay Server instance is now open

We have opened registration for our BTCPay Server instance! It has 99% uptime since December 2018 and we plan to keep it up. It enables many great features like HW wallet support, internal wallet, shops, apps, crowdfunding site, donation button (without address reuse), and many other empowering tools. For an introduction see: https://docs.btcpayserver.org/ Feel free […]

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Pay coffee with Bitcoin

What became a meme during the scaling debate will beome reality at the Lightning Hackday in Munich on June 1st 2019. Münchner Kaffeerösterei will provide coffee to guests of the hackday, and guests can pay their coffee only – that’s right – with Bitcoin! ZOMG! Since adding each and every coffee transaction to the blockchain, […]

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Lightning Network Setups

In this article I will lay out my experiences with different setups shortly before I document their/my respective troubles. The setups I have running are: RaspiBolt by Stadicus (lnd implementation) Node Launcher by Pierre Rochard (lnd implementation) BTCPay Server by Nicolas Dorier (c-lightning implementation) Like many Bitcoiners I too am very excited about Lightning Network. […]

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