Pay coffee with Bitcoin

What became a meme during the scaling debate will beome reality at the Lightning Hackday in Munich on June 1st 2019. Münchner Kaffeerösterei will provide coffee to guests of the hackday, and guests can pay their coffee only – that’s right – with Bitcoin! ZOMG! Since adding each and every coffee transaction to the blockchain, where it needs to be verified and confirmed by every full node on the planet and stored for eternity would be a little overkill for such simple transactions, we’ll be using the layer 2 for this: the Lightning Network. That’s more efficient, faster and also a little bit sexy.

We will support Münchner Kaffeerösterei with the technical setup and built a slick point of sale with BTCPayServer for that. Those who already have a ticket can open a channel to the lightning node – always appreciated (find node info here), but not a must, node is already well connected and payments hardly ever fail. To those who don’t have a ticket yet:  What are you even doing with your life? Hurry up! Be there or be square!

You can check out the PoS-App here

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