Bikini Mitte will be Munich’s 1st Lightning Bar

It’s official: Munich gets it’s first bar, where you can pay for drinks with Lightning Network (LN). Deli at daytime and bar in the evening, Bikini Mitte is a decent place located in the heart of Munich. The venue now has its own Lightning Node, which offers guests the opportunity to settle their bill with Bitcoin, in addition to the Euro. Setup of Lightning Node and point of sale were administrated by ideasarelikeflames.

As part of the Bitcoin TechDays (February 12th / 13th, 2019 in Munich) the kick-off takes place at Bikini Mitte. Up to 150 Bitcoin devs from all over Germany, Europe and North America are expected for the two-day conference organized by the Bitcoin Munich community. A high number of lightning node owners is guaranteed to be in town. On the evening of February 12th, TechDays visitors can round off the day at Bikini Mitte in a relaxed atmosphere. The best part: they can pay for drinks with LN! The bar crew has created special cocktails for this occasion, like “Short The Bankers!” or “The 51% Attack”, which will be available with a discount when paid for with Lightning.

The response to the release of the flyer on Twitter was so good that the request to open LN channels in advance of the party was already outdated the next day.

Liquidity problems no longer stand in the way of a jolly kick-off party, where guests can pay for their drinks with LN. Only 24 hours after the flyer made its rounds on Twitter, the node had inbound liquidity of 0.32 BTC (!). That should be enough to get the kick-off going smoothly.

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